New Behavior Change Science Your Wellness Program Is Ignoring

Is your corporate wellness program stuck?

Learn about the behavior change science that leads to corporate wellness success. This fun, one-hour webinar will get your corporate wellness program moving in the right direction with easy-to-implement tips that lead to real change and measurable results.

Wellness experts Laura Walmsley and Michele Dodds, a PhD of clinical psychology with a focus on health behavior change, will show you how to “make healthy a habit” for your corporate wellness program participants. With a combined total of over 33 years of experience in the field, Laura and Michele have implemented successful wellness strategies at hundreds of companies, impacting thousands of lives.

What You’ll Learn:
• Why most corporate wellness programs fail to produce long-term results
• How an understanding of behavior change science can improve your company’s corporate wellness participation and performance
• Tips you can incorporate into your wellness program tomorrow that lead to real change and Return on Wellness (ROW)