What’s Return on Wellness?

Return on Wellness, or ROW, is Preventure’s expansion of the traditional return on investment approach to Wellness ROI. Our wellness program will positively impact your bottom line, and we can prove it.

A healthier employee means a boost in cognitive function, company engagement, and performance. Ultimately, this surge in health and engagement translates into improved productivity and higher service levels. Better service leads to higher consumer satisfaction, and finally, increased sales. In short, your investment in employee wellness will lead to higher profit margins.

The Proof Is in the Reporting

Because our innovative strategies are driven by outcomes, your custom wellness program will include our proprietary ROW tool. It’s built on empirical data and 3rd party validation to quantify real returns, not like the rough numbers calculated by other wellness firms. We formalize your program’s progress with detailed reporting that you can hand over to your CFO with confidence.

Constant Monitoring

Your dedicated Preventure team monitors your custom, real-time dashboard to ensure that we’re delivering total ROW results. By closely tracking participation, satisfaction, and employee health, we make data-based improvements that adapt to shifting organizational and individual needs.