Proven Metrics with Return on Wellness

Are you tired of defending Wellness ROI for your wellness program? We get it. But we all know a healthier employee means a boost in cognitive function, company engagement, and performance. When compounded by all employees and added to the impact of health care cost control, your total Return on Wellness achieves significant profitability for your firm.

With Preventure, you’ll see results – not just with your employees, but with your bottom line. Here are a few examples of the success clients have experienced with Preventure:

  • 98% of participants in Preventure’s corporate wellness programs show improved health metrics.
  • Our clients typically see an improved Wellness ROI with $2 – $6 return on every $1 invested.
  • 23% higher Employee Engagement rates for those participating in Preventure’s wellness programs compared to non-participants.

Preventure’s proprietary Return on Wellness (ROW) reporting tool utilizes real-time engagement levels and actual data that’s verified by an outside source to quantify and forecast returns, not estimates. We provide year-over-year reporting that includes the data you need to make bottom-line-driven decisions about future programming.