Your Well-being Program Shouldn’t Be a Secret

Organizing and promoting everything your well-being program has to offer can be a full-time job. With Preventure, you won’t need to worry if your employees know about your program and all of its benefits and services because we take care of the Marketing and Communications for you. Your partnership with Preventure includes:

A Dedicated Support Team

You’ll interact daily with a dedicated Support Team Member who is responsible for managing all of your requests, as well as client service, communications, event planning and management, reporting, and tracking. Your Support Team Member is backed by a committed team that will provide 24/7 wellness expertise.

Marketing and Communications Support

Preventure develops and executes your company’s annual well-being communication strategy. We can also provide a unified branding strategy, including a well-being program tagline, branded portal, and logo.

Event Organization and Management

Preventure will organize national health assessments and biometric screenings with consistent high quality, all with a personal touch. What’s more, all data received from these events can be tracked through employee’s well-being portal and Preventure’s comprehensive reporting. We’ll also work directly with site contacts to schedule your program if requested.

Wellness Committee Support

We take full ownership to support you in creating and maintaining a vibrant wellness committee that drives great participation. This team of individuals also creates unbelievable cultural impact and excitement about the program. Our live training, monthly support, and custom online Committee hub makes it all happen.

Cultural and Engagement Assessments

Cultural and Environmental surveys and tools allow us to create a custom, location-driven strategy that drives more tailored results for your firm. Engagement Assessments connect your wellness program efforts with the greatest impact you can offer your organization – rising profits.