Do You Struggle with Employee Engagement in Your Well-being Strategy?

Meet Maxwell, a well-being portal personalized to meet your employees’ needs.

When it comes to wellness programs, engagement is a constant challenge. Despite the latest technology or flashy initiatives, wellness programs struggle to create long-term change and bottom-line results. Here’s why:

  • They’re muddled by too many portals or confusing incentives, making the program cumbersome and complicated.
  • They all about the company’s objectives instead of employees’ individual well-being goals.
  • They aren’t fun!

According to a recent study, there is a 22% uptick in wellness program participation when they include technology. That’s why we created Maxwell. Maxwell is a custom, seamless hub connecting participants with all their well-being benefits, inspired by our small habit behavior change model.

So, what will push your employees to ACTUALLY engage with Maxwell? Well, pretty much everything…

It’s Accessible

Maxwell goes where you go. It’s accessible through your phone, desktop, tablet, and laptop, and you can connect it with your fitness tracker so activities are updated in real time.

Maxwell also links you to Preventure’s other well-being solutions so all of your well-being resources are always right at your fingertips.

It’s Personal

It’s been proven40% of people make behavior changes with personalized content, compared to 19% who made changes without personalized content. Maxwell launches personalized messaging and compelling calls to action to get your team excited about your well-being initiatives.

Maxwell creates a unique path for each participant based on his or her most up-to-date information, with features like:

  • A homepage where employees can upload their own photos, “pin” useful trackers, and much more
  • A full spectrum of reliable health content and activity recommendations based on a participant’s current health risks and well-being goals
  • Your branding throughout

It’s Fun

Built on the behavior science principles of habit formation, Maxwell creates a system that is fun, with well-being initiatives that drive interest and long-term change.

Maxwell has:

  • Self-paced applications that guide participants along the road to well-being, including mastery-level programs in multi-week Journeys, engaging Commitments, and reliable health content
  • Social tools that inspire a new kind of commitment, with group support, team and individual challenges, and a network of live well-being champions
  • Incentive and rewards tracking to get people interested and excited to change