Transforming How Enterprise-Level Companies Value Employee Engagement and Wellness

For over 25 years, Preventure has been improving employee health, participation, Wellness ROI, productivity and dramatically impacting clients’ overall company performance and bottom line. Backed by our wellness Guarantees, our clients experience quantifiable results like:

  • 98% of participants in Preventure’s corporate wellness programs showing improved health metrics
  • Wellness ROI: $2 – $6 return on every $1 invested for medical cost control and productivity improvement
  • 23% higher Employee Engagement rates for those participating in Preventure’s well-being programs compared to non-participants

Our Impact

Increasing Wellness Program Participation

One of the nation’s largest health systems wanted to provide a more engaging well-being program for over 80,000 employees throughout hundreds of locations. Because its current tracking capabilities were scattered among various websites and vendors, the program was confusing and disorganized, reporting was inconsistent and irrelevant, and program-wide return on investment was impossible to track.

Delivering Return on Wellness

The company, a U.S. chain of truck stops with over 24,000 employees across 550 gas stations and stop locations, was faced with the challenge of finding a well-being program that could accommodate its culture and employees. The geographical dispersion and on-the-move aspect of the employees’ jobs made it challenging to capture viable reporting and information on their health. The nature of the employees’ work also made it difficult for them to to make healthy eating choices, access the web portal for electronic communication, and participate in the program.

Proving Productivity ROI

One of the top bank holding companies in the U.S. faced challenges with its existing corporate well-being program, which lacked customization and the breadth of well-being services the company wanted. Participation was low amongst the nearly 5,000 employees in over 300 national locations, particularly because the program was only available for those enrolled in the bank’s health insurance plan. Privacy concerns, a non-comprehensive web portal that was difficult to access, and just three screening locations nationwide compounded the general lack of wellness engagement and absence of reliable data and reporting.

Learn how we’ve helped companies like yours with similar challenges:

1. Providing A More Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program


A leading provider of lighting products and services wanted to offer employees a more comprehensive well-being  program that included challenges and more opportunities for engagement. Its medical vendor couldn’t offer the breadth of programs needed, so the organization engaged Preventure to expand its well-being solutions.

  • More effective communication
  • Increased awareness
  • Higher participation

Preventure created a 3-year incentive plan with fun quarterly challenges and a strategic, annual communication and marketing plan.

  • Recipients of the maximum incentive reward increased by 5x
  • 43% of challenge participants completed 2 or more challenges

2. Building a Better Informed Population


A large operator of gas stations and long haul trucking services sought Preventure to increase employee participation and build a program that its population could easily engage with anywhere and at any time. The company also wanted improved data collection, tracking, and reporting.

  • Create a culture of well-being
  • Improve participation
  • Decrease health risks

Preventure opened the program to all employees and medically-enrolled spouses to create a team atmosphere, created a cohesive wellness brand, and increased marketing and communication frequency to educate the participant pool on the program’s benefits. Finally, Preventure focused on the integration of health and wellness benefits and restructured the company’s benefit plans to align with its well-being goals.

  • Increased participation by over 300% in Year 1
  • Increased participation by another 28% in Year 2
  • Aggregate results show that employees who participated in the program both years improved in nearly all biometric measures

3. Engaging Employees with a Portal and Better Programming


The client was looking for a wellness solution that would suit the needs of its health plan population.

  • Provide a solution to address increasing healthcare costs
  • Reduce sick time and insurance claims
  • Increase productivity and morale

Preventure provided a multitude of services, including telephonic health coaching and onsite seminars, group exercise classes, stop-by programs, and screenings all across the state. A user-friendly wellness portal allowed program participants to engage with wellness workshops in a variety of applicable topics. The wellness portal also featured health assessments, activity trackers, challenges, and incentive programs.

  • Over 1,100 onsite programs were provided, both locally and nationally
  • Over 2,000 completed workshops
  • Over 145,000 logins to the wellness portal
  • Over 20,000 unique participants in the wellness program

4. Improving Registration and Engagement


The client was unsatisfied with their existing wellness program and contacted Preventure to increase participation and engagement.

  • 65% employee registration for the wellness program
  • Overall increase of engagement with challenges and workshops

Preventure created a strategic communication plan, which included targeted messaging and improved communication methods.


  • Registered participants increased 89% between Year 1 and Year 3, surpassing the client’s registration goal
  • Between Year 1 and Year 3, a 137% increase in participants who completed at least 2 challenges
  • Between Year 1 and Year 3, a 43% increase in participants who completed at least 2 workshops

5. Shifting to More Efficient Reporting


This banking client’s program was behind the times, using an entirely paper-based tracking system managed by a single team member.

  • Move program to an online-based system
  • Exceed the prior year’s incentive participation

Preventure focused its attention on technological integration into the program. We designed a customized, user-friendly portal and reduced gatekeepers, which created a more seamless experience for all users. We also eliminated the paper tracking system. Metrics reporting and tracking are now done electronically for greater efficiency and accuracy.

  • 75% portal engagement
  • Higher than ever participation in the incentive campaign

6. Enhancing Communication for Better Participation


The client came to Preventure seeking greater participation and awareness of its workplace wellness initiatives. Leaders at the company wanted wellness to become a part of employees’ lifestyles both at work and at home.

  • Achieve 50% employee participation in wellness initiatives
  • Increase awareness of healthy choices
  • Improve health and well-being of employees and their families at work and at home
  • Create a culture of wellness

Preventure worked closely with the client to understand its culture and recommend ways for the locations across the country to engage with each other. Some of the programming offered included competitive location- and team-based fitness challenges, onsite screening events, and offsite screening options for smaller locations. Preventure also built a cohesive timeline and marketing plan with targeted messaging to serve as a reminder of program components. Finally, a comprehensive web portal served as an integrated hub for information on company initiatives, personal health metrics, and more.

  • 60% of the employee population actively engaged in the client’s wellness tools

7. Creating a Seamless Program Transition


The company, a gas and liquids pipelines operator in North America, wanted to replace its fitness reimbursement incentive with its first-ever comprehensive wellness program.

  • A smooth transition from the old wellness program to the new one
  • 50% engagement in Year 1

Preventure led the strategy development for program and portal design with a newly created Wellness Committee, which included leadership members. To help with employee engagement and enthusiasm about new services, Preventure also created a Wellness Ambassador Team to promote the program to employees.

  • 70% incentive-earned participation in Year 1

8. Refining a Program to Provide Variety and Choice


The client came to Preventure ready to roll out a new company wellness initiative.

  • Build a culture of health and wellness
  • Identify location-specific programming
  • Increase engagement and participation

The client and Preventure worked closely to develop and deliver a clear wellness program. While the initiative was brand new to the employee population, Preventure refined and enhanced the incentive structure and provided recommendations for greater engagement. Variety and choice proved to be the key elements of a successful program for this organization.

  • Participation increased by 107% from Year 1 to Year 2
  • Consistent, quarterly programming included a fun and engaging well-being challenge, live webinars, self-paced workshops, and more