Preventure leadership aligns with client success

November 1, 2016

Preventure leadership aligns with client success

Preventure maintains a philosophy of continuous improvement, reflected in both its daily operations and long-range planning.  It recently restructured its data and technology leadership to better serve its clients’ user experience.  Now, Preventure is focusing efforts on the overall well-being journey, encompassing all facets of the client experience.  

Laura Walmsley, formerly Chief Business Development Officer, was recently named Chief Client Officer, fully bridging the gap between current and future clients and their comprehensive needs.  

Walmsley just celebrated her 14th anniversary with Preventure, a tenure filled with proven success, building strategy and value for our clients, and building the Preventure team to create indispensable client partnerships.  Walmsley has guided the business development team through hundreds of new client transitions.  As the corporate sponsor of Preventure’s new Maxwell engagement platform, she also started evolving the necessary connection between the traditional sales process and the post-sales relationship and commitment to clients.  

“Laura is an industry leader with an unparalleled track record,” says Preventure CEO, Mark Correia.  “The move demonstrates Preventure’s focus on our clients – current, future and long-term.  It brings together the first “Client Success Department,” synchronizing the work of Sales, Marketing, Client Engagement and Product Development to best drive our clients toward the greatest success available to them through employee well-being.”

Walmsley will work closely with VP of Sales Operations, Michael Cooley, VP of Client Engagement Michele Dodds, and newly-promoted VP of Product Development Barry Pailet, leading the transition from prospect to client, ensuring consistency and progress in products and services promised and provided.