Preventure gets healthcare healthier

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November 3, 2016

Preventure gets healthcare healthier

Preventure is revolutionizing the way corporate America thinks about health and well-being, through technology and strong client partnerships.  The company’s strong focus on partnerships with the nation’s hospital systems is helping healthcare providers focus on their own health through personalization and customization of individual goals and industry needs.  

Preventure supports more than 200,000 employees and more than 200 hospitals across the country.  Among these clients are 2 of the 5 largest nonprofit hospital systems in the country.  

The Rhode Island-based company boasts a holistic approach to well-being, addressing the whole person with expertise in mental and emotional wellness, highlighted in programs that address, for example, “compassion fatigue.”  Preventure recognized the need for these types of programs after reviewing data demonstrating more than 50% of physicians meet the criteria for burnout, a statistic that correlates with lower quality patient care and even medical errors.  Together with care fatigue, provider endurance and safety needs, these are just a few of the unique challenges Preventure’s healthcare clients experience.  

One way Preventure is impacting these alarming figures is with flexible appointment scheduling for on-call schedules, resulting in program participation rates that far exceed previous client vendors, one client seeing an 111% increase.   

Chief Client Officer, Laura Walmsley, explains, “Employee well-being has unique value to our healthcare system.  It not only influences lower healthcare costs and higher performance but it also drives better patient outcomes and sends a powerful message to the community who sees that population as role models.”

Preventure 2017 plans include a broadening of health care centered products and support tools to drive effective health improvement and personal optimization in the busy day of health care workers.


About Preventure

Preventure is a global provider of corporate wellness and health improvement programs specializing in comprehensive fitness and wellness benefits designed to improve health and productivity and decrease healthcare costs. Preventure helps corporations and health insurers understand, predict and control health risks and related costs. For more information contact Taylor Butzbach at 401-385-3304 or [email protected] Visit Preventure online at www.preventure.com.