Preventure employees donate time and $1,000 to RI Food Bank

Preventure employees dedicate time and efforts to RI Food Bank, donate $1,000

DSCN6959Preventure is a pioneering wellness provider with more than 25 years of experience in bringing health and well-being solutions to the workplace. But lately, they’ve been setting a strong focus on more than that – the well-being of their community.

Preventure’s internal wellness program – Fit for Life – encourages healthy lifestyles for its employees, from physical, financial, and mental to the emotional and social aspects of employees’ lives. A growing focus of Preventure has been on helping others as a way of experiencing emotional/social health. Preventure also features quarterly themes that encourage employees to focus attention on various topics, including aspects of the business, team cohesion efforts, general advancements, and more. In 2015, each quarterly theme had a common thread of outward attention and outreach – to its clients, to each other, and to the community.

For the third quarter of 2015, Preventure employees were offered the opportunity to sign up in groups to volunteer in three-hour blocks at the Rhode Island Food Bank. Their goal was to reach 212 service hours between onsite and remote employees. Remote employees were encouraged to volunteer their time at their local food banks. The significance of 212 being the boiling point of water – with 1 degree being the small difference to ignite a transition into something exciting!

In true Preventure style, the executive team at the wellness provider challenged their team to step up one more level, which the group gladly accepted. They set three milestones of volunteer hours reached, and associated each with a dollar amount the company would donate. The highest of these levels would be $1,000 donated to the Food Bank if all 212 volunteer hours were fulfilled.

Preventure far surpassed their goal and had outstanding participation! Preventure employees helped sort through and package over 40,000 pounds of food at the Rhode Island Food Bank- more at remote team members’ local food banks- giving a total of 219 hours of their time!

Preventure CEO, Mark Correia, presented the check to RI Food Bank Chief Philanthropy Officer, Lisa Roth Blackman, at the Food Bank this week. After the initiative ended, there is a strong urge to management to continue the partnership and similar opportunities!

About Preventure
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