Preventure Earns Healthy Workplace Award from the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Preventure Earns Healthy Workplace Award from the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Coventry, RI (June 29, 2016) – Preventure was recognized with an Exemplary Worksite Health Award from the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) for effective programs encouraging employee health and well-being in a meaningful way.

“We have won this award for four straight years, since 2013,” said Director, People Services & head of the Fit For Life program Cindy Butts. “We have been in the Exemplary Category, which is the highest of four categories, each and every year and are extremely proud of that!”

Preventure was one of more than 75 Rhode Island businesses honored by the Chamber with a Worksite Health Award at a breakfast attended by hundreds of state business leaders. The event celebrated local businesses who have demonstrated a commitment to improving Rhode Islanders’ overall health through innovative wellness programs, as companies and individuals.

Preventure’s wellness program, Fit For Life, consists of a broad offering of challenges, workshops, health coaching, activities, fitness classes, and more, that are available for all employees throughout the year. The program encourages each employee to complete Biometic screenings and Personal Health Assessments, to understand their own health, and then offers four options per quarter of an activity to help them improve or maintain certain areas identified in the assessments. Participants could choose to complete one or as many activities as they like.

“We commend Preventure for investing in wellness programming and creating a stronger workforce,” said an event representative. “True wellness is the culmination of many smaller choices, not just a new workout regimen or a fad diet, and we applaud this year’s Worksite Health Award recipients whose initiatives highlight the many ways that supporting those healthier decisions can improve life at work, at home, and throughout our community.”

“By increasing morale and production, and decreasing healthcare costs and sick leave, worksite health programs are a win for all involved. We applaud Preventure for making the commitment to invest in the wellness of their team and for inspiring more Rhode Island businesses to find creative ways to help their employees live better, healthier and happier lives. We encourage other companies to follow their lead,” said Laurie White, president of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

About Preventure
Preventure is a global provider of corporate wellness and health improvement programs specializing in comprehensive fitness and wellness benefits designed to improve health and productivity and decrease healthcare costs. Preventure helps corporations and health insurers understand, predict and control health risks and related costs. For more information contact Taylor Butzbach at 401-385-3304 or [email protected] Visit Preventure online at www.preventure.com.