The President’s Challenge

What began as a national youth fitness test has grown into a series of programs that encourage healthier lifestyles. Take advantage of this NO COST program to help you keep your fitness commitments and view your progress.

The Challenge

The President’s Challenge is designed to motivate all Americans to become more physically active throughout life with an emphasis on regular exercise rather than outstanding performance. Programs are available for youth, teens, adults, seniors, and groups and are now customized for persons of different interests and activity levels. Use their website to begin a program you control. You choose the exercise you enjoy (walking, running, kayaking, dancing, golfing, house repairs etc.) and can record and track your progress on this interactive activity log. Children can get credit for activities they do anyway including dance class, soccer, hacky sack, sledding, and more. Please be sure to take the necessary steps to make your activity enjoyable and safe.

The Reward

Once you’ve reached a benchmark in your program, you’ll be reminded to reward yourself! Your award will reflect the program you chose, either Physical Fitness, Health Fitness, Active Lifestyle, or Presidential Champions. When you have fulfilled the qualifying standards, you can order your rewards via Internet, fax, phone, or traditional mail. A nominal fee is required.

Getting Started

Please visit The President’s Challenge for more information and to enroll today. The program is fun, flexible and free to participate in.

For more information, and to sign-up, visit the website, please visit the President’s Challenge website.