January 2018 HealthEbytes 3 Surveys That Help Measure Employee Happiness

thinkstockphotos-8520432843 Surveys That Help Measure Employee Happiness

We all want happy employees. But “happiness” isn’t always easy to measure. Regular measurement will allow for meaningful analysis of your employees’ needs. A survey at the end of every month or year will help gauge employee satisfaction and obtain quick results. Here are three great tools for measuring employee happiness that we use for our clients and our own company success!

“Client Heartbeat” Survey
Need a quick pulse on how things are going? Engage a service like Client Heartbeat to deploy a survey monthly. Client Heartbeat is an easy, automated way to get a frequent, quick temperature gauge of employees’ happiness. These fast, 3-minute surveys give you a snapshot of where employees are really excited (an encouragement to keep up the great work!) or where any potential issues could arise.

At Preventure, we use these quick surveys to measure our client happiness in key areas like Promptness, Helpfulness, Partnership, and Accuracy. We want to make sure we are there for our clients with any questions, that we can provide meaningful recommendations, and create a lasting relationship to benefit both parties.

Cultural Collaboration Survey
If improving workplace culture is a main goal of your well-being program, take this survey to get a quick read on your company’s culture. This survey is a great way to learn what your culture’s strengths and weaknesses are, and help you work with your team to strengthen your company culture.  Contact our team to review your results with you!

End of Year Survey
A great way to measure the success of your well-being campaign is an End of Year survey. We find clients get the most success when they incentivize employees to participate with a reward, and keeping the survey anonymous. (Employees may feel safer bringing up an issue if it is not directly linked to him or her.)

For a sample End of Year survey, check out our October blog for 10 Easy Survey Questions that Gauge Employee Well-being Participation.

For more on using employee engagement to determine the value of your wellness investment, click here for our White Paper.

Happy Reporting!