4 Ways to Transform Your Physical Corporate Space for Better Well-being


Our environment impacts everything from our mood to our productivity. Just think how sitting in a dim, windowless room impacts your mood versus when you’re outside enjoying fresh air and sunlight. It’s no contest!

Beyond affecting our mood, our environment also impacts our health. Employees are spending more hours at the office and sitting more than ever; it’s no surprise that on average employees burn fewer calories now than they did 50 years ago. What can your company do to make your work environment more conducive to a happier corporate culture? Read on to find out.

1. Incorporate Height-Adjustable Surfaces and Standing Desks
Height-adjustable surfaces and standing desks allow employees to change their working conditions with more ease and fluidity. Standing keeps blood flowing through the body at a higher rate than sitting, as well as burns an extra 8-10 calories per hour.

2. Bring Nature and Daylight Indoors
Studies have shown that views of the outdoors, plants, or flowers benefit mental health. Having natural light in the office with sunlight or sunlight lamps gives a brighter, happier feel to the workplace and reduces feelings of sluggishness.

3. Have Unconventional Meetings
Motivate employees to actively engage in meetings by giving them more freedom in how they participate. Some may prefer to conduct meetings sitting around a table, while others might prefer standing, walking, or accessing meetings remotely.

4. Have Multipurpose Open Spaces
Multipurpose open spaces are flexible and provide employees with a great space for non-work activities. Spaces often used only for meetings and conferences can double as yoga “studios,” quiet places to decompress, or team lunch rooms. Encourage employees to use the spaces creatively when they aren’t being used for corporate functions. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with and how much it boosts team building and morale.