Driving Workplace Wellness Programs with Support at Every Level

Running a successful wellness program is a full-time job

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and felt like there wasn’t enough to do? We didn’t think so. Remove the burden of developing, maintaining, and reporting on your wellness program with Preventure’s full suite of wellness program support.

Our expert Support Team – each backed by 10+ years of experience –  are assigned an average of 5 accounts (compared to 20-40 accounts at other wellness companies!). This gives each manager the focus to provide day-to-day program management and take a holistic view of your entire strategy.

90% or higher client support satisfaction – guaranteed

Whether you want to be actively engaged in your corporate wellness program or just be updated on its progress, Preventure is equipped to handle your preferred level of involvement. We’ll do the work; you take the credit.

Here’s what Preventure’s support team brings to your department:

Program Management

  • Staff training, management, and in-person planning sessions
  • Wellness committee support, a social platform, and microsite
  • Tracking and reporting on employee participationsatisfaction, and health improvement
  • Monitoring your custom, real-time dashboard to ensure you’re getting results
  • Recommendations for data-based improvements that adapt to shifting organizational and individual needs

Marketing & Communications

  • Creation and deployment of a plan for successful launch
  • Contextualized messaging with automated, personalized messages and calls to action
  • An annual communications strategy featuring personalized pieces year-round for your brand
  • Organization and management of events including health screenings, wellness seminars and more
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