Guaranteed Improvement in Employee Well-being – with Data to Prove It

Better Results. Guaranteed.

Is your wellness program ROI not giving you the results you were hoping for? Improved employee wellness and engagement translate into higher productivity and better service levels, which lead to better consumer satisfaction, repeat customers, and a stronger bottom line. But, if your employee productivity isn’t improving, chances are your bottom line isn’t either.

It’s challenging to track employee improvement – unless you take a data-based approach to well-being. Preventure’s client-specific wellness and healthcare cost data show you how your program is saving you money. In fact, we consistently outperform the industry average of $3 returned for every $1 invested. Need more proof? It’s in our track record. 98% of clients have rated Preventure’s service as “very good” or “excellent.”

What’s our improvement guarantee? We’re so confident you’ll see the ROW of your wellness program that we’ll credit your account if less than 90% of your participants fail to improve their health in at least one of the most critical, trackable areas.

Return on Investment

Once your custom plan is in motion, we monitor the metrics entered into our proprietary Return on Well-being (ROW) tool to ensure you’re on track for hitting your goals. Our year-over-year reporting includes:

  • Employee-based metrics to make sure you hit your goals
  • Company financial performance
  • HR cost drivers
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“My motivation was to fix my health. I was upwards of around 335 pounds when I started here, and I didn’t want to be that weight anymore. So, I was motivated to get off the blood pressure medicine, stop diabetes, and live longer. I wanted to be healthier. I’ve lost 115 pounds, and in 2016 competed in my first Tough Mudders competition. Getting healthy isn’t a short-term project. This is a lifestyle. And it’s worth it. So don’t give up.” 

-Well-being Program Participant