Do Employees Enjoy Your Company Wellness Program?

Stop forcing change – inspire it.

 Sometimes corporate wellness programs can be pushy, forcing the participant to be part of something that has nothing to do with their individual well-being goals. And as we all know, if something isn’t enjoyable or relevant to us, we’re much less likely to participate.

Get more than just program compliance with a wellness program that’s engaging, fun, and personal. Preventure’s approach to behavior change is to start with small, everyday habits—we call them Commitments—that lead to big, life-changing outcomes.

Once new habits have begun, participants become their own “Health Heroes” and drive their success through our wide variety of multi-week Journeys, competitive Challenges, Incentive rewards, research-based information and videos to support each participant’s well-being path.  Plus, our engagement platform, Maxwell, makes it easy for participants to stay engaged and track their progress from any device at any time.

90% or higher participant satisfaction – guaranteed

Wellness program ROI doesn’t come from checking off the boxes of an incentive requirement; it comes from making lifestyle changes. Instead of asking participants “Are you ready to make a change?” we ask, “What change are you ready to make?” while fostering an organizational culture of wellness and a healthier, happier workforce.

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“The exercise challenges are fun and I really like participating in those. Especially when I was first getting into running, it was fun to see how many steps I could get in every week and be a part of that challenge. I’ve tracked my weight since I started working here, and it’s kind of fun to go back and see my progress. So that’s helped to keep me focused and motivated. I definitely still eat birthday cake at birthday parties, and I don’t feel guilty about eating foods that aren’t necessarily on my ‘healthy foods’ list. It’s all about balance, and working out, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. I don’t think anyone would say that they regret living a healthy lifestyle.”

-Well-being Program Participant