Maxwell Infographic

Big behavior changes start with the tiniest of habits, so let’s make health and wellness easier! Here’s how we built a wellness portal people actually like to use.


Preventure Overview Snapshot

With Preventure, making healthy a habit is more than an exciting idea. It’s a real guarantee. Over the last 25+ years, we have changed millions of lives at hundreds of diverse organizations.

Maxwell Portal Snapshot

Maxwell is our revolutionary user experience for well-being that delivers a personal, daily dose of wellness designed to fit each participant.

Coaching Snapshot

Coaching programs feature our proprietary and innovative coaching approach
that blends traditional clinical health coaching with behavioral and life issue assistance to reduce barriers to long-term, sustainable health improvement.

IFCN Snapshot

IFCN meets the needs of organizations that want to offer fitness opportunities to their geographically dispersed employee populations.

Biometrics Snapshot

Preventure’s health risk survey collects health and wellness information and provides a summary assessment of the overall risk for adverse health outcomes.