Increasing Wellness Program Participation

One of the nation’s largest health systems wanted to provide a more engaging wellness program for over 80,000 employees throughout hundreds of locations. Because its current tracking capabilities were scattered among various websites and vendors, the program was confusing and disorganized, reporting was inconsistent and irrelevant, and program-wide return on investment was impossible to track.

Boosting Success with a Custom Wellness Community

Preventure had a wealth of internal industry knowledge and wellness experts, but lacked the foundational tools to build out a customizable community web portal. Preventure wanted to deliver complete wellness solutions to corporations but required better tools for employee engagement.

Delivering Return on Wellness

The company, a U.S. chain of truck stops with over 24,000 employees across 550 gas station locations, needed a wellness program that could accommodate its culture and traveling employees. Beyond reporting challenges, the nature of the employees’ work made it difficult for them to make healthy eating choices, access the web portal for electronic communication, and participate in a wellness program.

Providing Proven Productivity ROI

One of the top bank holding companies in the U.S. faced challenges with its existing wellness program, which lacked customization, breadth of wellness services, and reporting the company wanted. Participation was low amongst nearly 5,000 employees in over 300 national locations, and privacy concerns, a non-comprehensive web portal that was difficult to access, and just 3 screening locations nation-wide compounded the general lack of wellness engagement and success.

Enhancing Preventure’s Corporate Wellness Solution

Preventure began offering Fitbit trackers to inspire clients to get moving and help track employee wellness program engagement so they could be rewarded for their participation. However, both the cost and distribution of activity tracking technologies were a challenge for Preventure and their clients.